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Dive In: The Podcast

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Deco Stop


In Deco Stop I chat about technical diving by drawing on my experiences as I journey towards becoming a cave diver. Technical diving can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Open honest conversations about technical diving can benefit us all, promote safe diving practices, and debunk stigma that tech is only for the elite.


Do I really need to explain this? 🤣 I get to talk about all things Sidemount with moments of objectivity (they may be few and far between) and perhaps a bit of hyperbole. I explore why I love Sidemount and why you should too!


Pro Tip


After growing up around the dive shop and becoming an instructor, April shares with you her tips & tricks that will make every dive safer and/or more enjoyable. 

Dive Girls Around the World

April highlights an extraordinary female diver. She’ll tell you a bit about her background and what makes her special. She’ll also tell you where to follow them on social media.


Gearing Up


As a Dive Shop General Manager and Service Technician, I love to share my knowledge on dive gear. I'll help answer questions from basic, to in- depth, while covering the most common gear related questions I hear from my customers.

Dive Travel

I share info on some of my favorite travel destinations around the world. I've personally been to each, so these are first hand experiences. 


Think Blue


As passionate marine biologist and ocean advocate, I lend my voice for the oceans on this podcast with our Think Blue segment. Whether it’s tips for helping you make ocean friendly dive choices, explaining issues facing our oceans or just cool ocean tidbits, you’ll find it in this segment.


I share my take on which books you should pack for your next dive trip or on keep on your bedside table from the many great books written about diving, the oceans as well as those who pioneered exploration and discoveries.

Weekly Segments

Each week, in addition to our feature guest interviews, you’ll find a rotating selection of segments to complement your diving adventures!

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